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Restaurants Near Cotswolds Distillery

Whether you are interested in whisky, gin or everything else in between, pop in to one of our beautiful Cotswold restaurants after your trip to Cotswolds Distillery to enjoy a delicious, locally-sourced pub meal. Why not wash it down with a pint of our award-winning Butcombe beer?

Managed PUBS & INNS

Butcombe Tenanted Properties
We also have a number of tenanted pubs that you could visit

Places To Eat Near Cotswolds Distillery

With delicious seasonal dishes and innovative takes on pub classics, you can enjoy a meal at any of our restaurants near Cotswolds Distillery.

The Beckford Inn

If you’re a fan of beer-battered fish and chips, love a classic Sunday roast (with all the trimmings, of course), or you consider yourself a beer connoisseur, stop by The Beckford Inn for a delicious meal at the on-site restaurant and a friendly atmosphere. Ideal for a break after visiting the Cotswolds Distillery, exploring the Gloucestershire countryside, or after a spot of shopping – go on, you deserve it!

The Beehive

Cosy booths, a friendly atmosphere, delicious food, and award-winning beers await you at The Beehive in Carterton, close to the beautiful city of Oxford, and not far from the wonderful Cotswolds Distillery. Stop by for your favourite classic pub meal – whether you’re a fan of fish and chips, peckish for a light bite, or in the mood for a proper British roast dinner – and indulge with a perfectly-paired pint of Butcombe beer.

The Prince Of Burford

The Prince Of Burford gastropub is situated right on the edge of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and just 45 minutes away from the fantastic Cotswolds Distillery. Treat yourself to their famous Butcombe Original beer-battered fish and chips, Cotswold burger, or decadent vegetarian pumpkin and ricotta tortelloni. Pair any of these delicious meals with a selection of award-winning Butcombe beer behind the bar.

The Fleet

Overlooking the River Avon, there’s not many views as spectacular as at The Fleet Inn. Enjoy a delicious alfresco classic pub meal in ambience, with the babbling sounds of the river mere metres away, and a pint of award-winning Butcombe beer in your hand – the perfect way to spend an evening after a wonderful time at Cotswolds Distillery.

The Victoria Arms

The Victoria Arms restaurant in Old Marston is a traditional pub on the banks of the River Cherwell, serving locally-sourced food and award-winning Butcombe beer. With tranquil riverside garden views, it’s the perfect place for a hearty meal, a few pints, or cosy pitstop after visiting Cotswolds Distillery.

Cotswolds Distillery Tour And Tasting

If you’re curious about the distilling process for spirits and liqueurs, the Cotswolds Distillery Tour & Tasting will give you an in-depth knowledge as well as several tasters along the way!

The tour takes approximately 45 minutes in the Stourton distillery, taking place at set times each day of the week, with prices starting from £20 per person.

Why not treat yourself to a bottle of one of their award-winning spirits as a souvenir?

Broadway Private Tasting*

The Broadway Private Tasting experience takes place at the Cotswold Distillery shop in Broadway*

The Broadway Private Tasting is for those who prefer a more intimate experience.

This is a 2 hour workshop which begins with a brief history about the Cotswold Distillery and an insight into the entire range of spirits that they produce.

You will learn about the ingredients used to create the spirits and the distillation processes that are used, before sampling 25ml of Cotswold Single Malt Whisky or Cotswold Dry Gin and 6 more spirits of your choice.

The Broadway Private Tasting Experience is for a minimum of 2 guests and a maximum of 8 guests.

Gin Blending Masterclass

A cloudy Cotswold G&T will be waiting for you on arrival, which ensures that your Gin Blending Masterclass gets off to a great start!

The host will provide a brief history of gin and how it is made, before you embark on a tour of the distillery and discover how Cotswold Dry Gin was developed.

You will then nose and taste a variety of botanicals that range from spicy to fruity, before mixing them to create your own unique gin!

You will then create a martini cocktail using the gin that you created and the rest will be bottled up in a presentation box for you to takeaway and enjoy at home. You will also be given a 200ml bottle of Cotswold Dry Gin as a parting gift!

Whisky Blending Masterclass

To ensure that your Whisky Blending Masterclass gets off to a great start, a highball whisky cocktail will be waiting for you on arrival!

The host will then give you a brief history of whisky and how it is made, before embarking on a tour of the distillery and learning about the importance of whisky maturation and the different types of barrels that need to be used to achieve different flavours.

After learning about the whisky making process, you be given an opportunity to nose whisky (including pointers on how to do it properly!) before smelling and tasting four cask strength samples that have been aged in different barrels. Once you’ve decided which flavour whisky you’d like to create, you will blend your own whisky using the different cask samples.

You will then create a whisky cocktail using the whisky that you created and the rest will be bottled up in a presentation box for you to takeaway and enjoy at home. You will also be given a 200ml bottle of Cotswold Single Malt Whisky as a parting gift!

Cocktail Masterclass

A cloudy G&T will be waiting for you on arrival, before learning about the history of the Cotswold Distillery.

The resident mixologist will then show you how to make the perfect cloudy Martini, before you make your own unique cocktail.

You will have the opportunity to taste some distillery exclusive products, before mixing up another individual cocktail.

As a parting gift, everyone will receive a goody bag containing some special products from the Cotswold Distillery.