Symplicity – waste-free and sustainable plant-based dishes

We’re proud to be working with Neil Rankin’s amazing Symplicity Foods range on our pubs’ new autumn menus, creating zero waste and sustainable plant-based dishes.

In Neil’s words…

“Symplicity is a delicious, all natural, zero waste alternative to the current plant based ‘meat’ market. As a chef I believe in flavour first. I believe the answer is and always has been growing all around us. We already have great tasting vegetables, packed with nutrients, so why look elsewhere? If we can’t grow it and cook it ourselves, I don’t want to eat it, so I don’t want to make it.”

Symplicity’s range is created entirely from vegetables, rather than industrial proteins and uses vegetable fermentation to create its unique umami flavour. The products are also super healthy – high in protein, low in fat and zero cholesterol.

Every Monday during our Autumn Food & Drink Festival, Butcombe chefs celebrate ‘Meat Free Monday’ with plant-based specials on offer, while our new menu staples are available throughout the week.

Keep an eye on our socials for more plant-based goodness, and check out Symplicity here: