New: Goram IPA Zero

New and based on the gold medal award winning recipe that created Goram IPA, we are so excited to bring you Goram IPA Zero, our very first alcohol free IPA.


This new IPA has been brewed with an ABV of 0.5%, making it the perfect drink for those who don’t want to miss out on the taste but do want to miss out on the alcohol! Based on our Goram IPA recipe, Goram IPA Zero is an easy-to-drink and refreshing ale made with a punchy blend of English, US and New Zealand hops which balance stone fruit, citrus and bitter notes. With all the aroma, taste and flavour of a normal IPA but with none of the alcohol it’s the perfect beer for those looking for a non-alcoholic drink.


Now available in a selection of our pubs: The Methuen, The Ostrich, The Fleet Inn, The Beckford Inn, The Langford Inn, The Mill, The Whitmore Tap, The Pavilion, and finally in The Victoria Arms.