Small Batch Release October : Into The Light Helles Lager

Our latest Small Batch Brewis a tribute to all things Oktoberfest. Dothing a cap to classic
German lagers this beer is all about the premium authentic lager malts that include Pilsen, Vienna and Munich malts. As you delve deeper, a delicate hop bitterness arises, courtesy of the Perle and Hallertau hops, imparting a mild earthiness and grassy, herbal notes.

The star of the show, Mandarina Bavaria hops, adds a delightful twist, infusing the brew with
hints of tangerine and citrus zest. These bright, fruity accents combine with the malt foundation, creating a refreshing and well-rounded experience. The finish is clean and dry, leaving you with a lingering, mellow sweetness. Prost! Available to order here!