Gluten Free Information

Many of our products are Gluten Free and we are constantly evolving our range to try and make out products more accessible those with dietary requirements.

Having seen how popular our Gold Gluten Free has been, we have decided to combine Gold and Gold Gluten Free so that we are now just have one wonderful product that retains the fantastic taste, but is accessible to everyone who wants to drink it. We have also relaunched our Stateside Session IPA bottles to not only be larger but also Gluten Free.

Both of these products have been brewed using all the same ingredients and hops we have always used for our Gold and Stateside Session IPA. The only difference is, we now remove the Gluten at the fermentation stage. Both products are also suitable for vegans.

Fully accredited with less than 10 parts per million of gluten by Murphy & Son.

The Process

We know that many of you are interested in how we are able to make our beers Gluten Free while also maintaining their high quality and the amazing taste we’re known for so we decided to tell you exactly what we do.

During the fermentation process we add in a Glutenase Enzyme. This enzyme then breaks down the Gluten in the beer. The beer is then sent to a third party laboratory who analyse it to ensure that it no longer contains Gluten. This whole process takes about two weeks.