The Ring O’ Bells, Compton Martin to The Ring O’ Bells, Hinton Blewett



From the pub, turn right past the small green and follow the pavement as it rises by the church.

Drop back down to the road.  Cross , go right, ignore Rectory Lane and go right in Highfield Lane.




After climbing about 0.25 miles, at a right bend, take the footpath left up steps to a kissing gate (KG), Bear right up the field to a KG. Turn left along the edge, bend and exit through a gate to the road. Turn left for a few yards and fork right on Cowleaze Lane hedged track (ignore path up steps).




Continue along. It becomes concrete and where a track comes in from right, leave Cowleaze Lane and head right to a KG. Cross field to bottom left corner. Drop down and go right through a KG . Follow the left hedge in a small field, go through a KG along a path over a footbridge. There’s another KG into a bigger field. Go ahead and two thirds of the way along, go left through a KG and then right down the next field.

Reach a lane and turn left down to West Harptree.




Turn right along the main road.  Go over the B3114 and head straight up the track by the Old Smithy.  This is Whistley Lane.  Follow it for about half a mile. Several minutes after a farm, turn right over a large footbridge. Continue to a stone footbridge. Turn left across the stream through a KG, and in the field parallel the left edge. In the far corner go out through a KG onto a lane. Turn left past several homes.




Go over a stone bridge over the River Chew. At the bend, turn left over a stile and small footbridge.  Follow the stream on your right, go through two KGs by a large oak into a field. Follow the left hedge. Go through another KG in the corner and follow the right hedge heading towards the hill.  After a KG, cross the field to another KG. Go over a rough verge to a lane. Turn right.




After the farmhouse, turn left through a KG and climb straight up to reach a hedge left. Follow it up and go through a KG in the corner. Continue the climb and keep on up to a KG. This leads to a footpath under trees. Tackle a very steep section to a level area. Carry on the climb and reach the viewpoint,  Prospect Stile.



Turn left on a narrow track. Later, take the left hand, drier path. At a T-junction go right through a KG and along a fenced path alongside the field. Continue over two stiles, through West End Farm to the lane.

Turn left and at the next junction go left through Hinton Blewett.

Bend round past the church and reach the green and the Ring O Bells on the left.