Uffington White Horse

Walk across Oxfordshire’s incredible landscape and climb the White Horse Hill to get a better look at this profound site. Carved out of chalk, the iconic horse figure is a world famous phenomenon, an integral part of ancient British history and one that’s just a pleasant 22 minute drive from The Trout.

A Remarkable Work of Ancient Art

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A Brief Overview of the Uffington White Horse

The Uffington White Horse is a striking geoglyph, or hill figure, sculpted into the green hills of the Berkshire Downs. Measuring approximately 374 feet (110 meters) in length, it is a stylized depiction of a horse, its sinuous lines and elegant form enhancing its visual appeal.

The exact origins of the Uffington White Horse remain shrouded in mystery. Some believe it to be a symbol of tribal identity or a religious emblem associated with the ancient Britons. Others speculate that it served as a marker for ceremonial or astronomical purposes.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Uffington White Horse is its preservation. The figure is created by removing the dark topsoil to reveal the underlying chalk bedrock. This natural chalk preservation process has allowed the horse to endure for millennia, with occasional restoration efforts to maintain its clarity.


The Trout Inn is approximately 25 minutes from the Uffington White Horse

Take Dragon Hill Rd and Broad Way to Woolstone Rd in Uffington
6 min (1.8 mi)

Take Fernham Rd and A420 to Buckland Road.

Turn left onto Buckland Road and after two miles, the Trout Inn will be on your right.