Small Batch Brew #4 – Cold Matured IPA


  • 4.4% ABV - Cask

Taking inspiration from our American brewing counterparts, Cold Matured IPA’s are a recent development that shines the light on another aspect of how IPA’s are produced. Brewed using a bottom fermenting ale yeast (as opposed to top fermenting for ale) the beer is then matured for two weeks at 2 degrees.


The process is much like lagering – and as result you get a crisp, clean lager styled finish with the body of an ale. Add a medley of Columbus, Sabro, Olicana and Nectaron hops and you have the perfect hybrid sunshine beer!


Hop Facts


Columbus is another super versatile classic American hop that rose to popularity in American IPA’s in the early 90’s. Olicana is a new variety of British hop imparting mango, passionfruit and grapefruit.