Lacock Village

Renowned as the filming location for various British TV dramas and the Harry Potter films, this charming English village lined with beautiful cottages and complete with a historic medieval Abbey is just a 35 minute drive away.

A picturesque and charming destination steeped in history and beauty

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Famous for its remarkably preserved medieval architecture, the village offers visitors a glimpse into the past with its cobblestone streets, half-timbered cottages, and stone-built structures. The village has served as a backdrop for various period films and TV series, adding to its allure.

At the heart of Lacock is Lacock Abbey, a former nunnery turned stately home, surrounded by lush gardens and peaceful grounds. The Abbey’s impressive cloisters and architecture are a testament to its rich history.

The village maintains a sense of timelessness, largely due to its National Trust ownership, which has carefully preserved its historical integrity. This makes Lacock a popular destination for history enthusiasts, photographers, and anyone seeking to experience a quintessential English village frozen in time.

Time-Tested Architecture

As you wander through Lacock Village, you’ll encounter a tapestry of preserved buildings that narrate centuries of history. Notable landmarks include the 14th-century Tithe Barn, the medieval St Cyriac’s Church, and an 18th-century village lock-up, once utilized for detaining local troublemakers and those awaiting trial.

Exploring Lacock Village

Lacock Village boasts a vibrant local shopping scene. Here, you can explore charming antique stores, indulgent chocolate shops, artisanal soap boutiques, a delightful bakery, and a pottery haven.

Lacock Abbey stands as an architectural marvel, blending various styles throughout its existence. Inside, you’ll find a photography museum dedicated to William Henry Fox Talbot, a pioneer of photography. The abbey’s serene wooded grounds are a perfect place for a leisurely stroll


Lacock Village’s timeless ambiance, devoid of modern intrusions, and its impeccable preservation under the National Trust’s care, make it a prime destination for film crews searching for authentic settings. For a fee, the village streets can be cleared of modern vehicles, transforming them into any historical era, with friendly locals often joining as extras.


Lacock Village holds a special place in the hearts of Harry Potter fans. It served as a backdrop for several iconic scenes from the series, including:

  • Harry Potter’s parents’ house on Church Street, featured in a poignant flashback scene in the Philosopher’s Stone.
  • Horace Slughorn’s hideaway along Cantax Hill, seen in the Half-Blood Prince when Dumbledore persuades him to return to Hogwarts.
  • The charming Budleigh Babberton streets, where Dumbledore and Harry apparate in the Half-Blood Prince.

Downton Abbey enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Lacock Village had its share of stardom in the series. In 2015, the village was transformed into a bustling 1920s livestock market, complete with sheep, pigs, and a massive long-horned bull. In 2018, Lacock Village again played host to the Downton Abbey movie, setting the stage for a spectacular royal parade featuring real Lacock residents dressed in period-accurate attire.


Lacock Village also made an appearance in the 1995 BBC series of Pride and Prejudice, standing in as Meryton. Here, the Bennet girls, including Lydia and Kitty, embarked on their bonnet shopping adventures, gathered gossip from their Aunt Philips, and hoped to attract the attention of dashing officers, most notably Mr. Wickham.

Lacock Village is more than just a picturesque destination; it’s a place where history and film seamlessly converge, offering visitors a truly enchanting experience.


The King’s Arms is approximately half an hour from Lacock Village.

Head west on Church Street towards Cantax Hill

Drive along A350, Bristol Road/A420, B4039, The Street and Fosse Way for approximately 10 miles

Take Sopworth Road to the A433 for approximately five miles.

Then turn left onto the A433 and after a mile the pub will be on your right.