Castle Combe

Only 20 minutes away is the Castle Combe Circuit, one of the longest-established motor racing circuits in the UK and recognised as providing the closest circuit racing in British motorsport.

A historic destination nestled in the Cotswolds region of Wiltshire

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Nestled in a lush and scenic valley, Castle Combe exudes a timeless appeal with its well-preserved medieval architecture and idyllic countryside setting.

At the heart of the village stands the Market Cross, a 14th-century stone cross that serves as a reminder of its historic past. The quaint streets are lined with honey-colored cottages made of Cotswold stone, adorned with colorful gardens that create a postcard-worthy scene.

The village’s namesake, Castle Combe, refers to the nearby Castle Combe Manor, the remnants of a medieval castle that once overlooked the area. Today, the castle is mostly in ruins, but its history adds to the allure of the village.

Castle Combe’s serene ambiance and picturesque beauty have attracted filmmakers, and it has been featured in various movies and television shows, adding to its fame as a picture-perfect English village.

Discovering Castle Combe Village

Begin your Castle Combe adventure by immersing yourself in the heart of the village. Here, you’ll encounter a tapestry of medieval wonders. The iconic Market Cross monument, the old village water pump, and a set of small stone steps used by horse riders centuries ago await your exploration. As you venture further, the charming church of St. Andrew beckons. Inside, you’ll discover the faceless Castle Combe Clock, rumoured to be the oldest English medieval clock still ticking.

After your visit to the church, take a leisurely stroll down the village’s sloping street. Along the way, admire the fairy-tale cottages that line your path. Your journey culminates at the river bridge, where you can capture a postcard-perfect view of weavers’ cottages, a babbling brook, and enveloping woodlands—a sight that epitomizes Castle Combe’s picturesque allure.

Castle Combe's Cinematic Allure

What sets Castle Combe apart is its steadfast commitment to preserving its authentic appearance. The village enforces a strict ban on modern additions like TV dishes and external wires on its historic houses. This dedication to maintaining its timeless charm has made Castle Combe a sought-after location for film crews.

Notable productions such as the 1967 musical “Doctor Dolittle,” “Stardust,” and “The Wolf Man” have graced the village’s streets. However, it was Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse” that truly put Castle Combe on the cinematic map. To recreate a 1914 setting, the village underwent a remarkable transformation. The modern road surface was concealed beneath a temporary muddy veneer, street lamps, signage, and post boxes were covered or removed, and white window frames received muted paint hues. Afterwards, it took a full week to restore the village to its original glory.

Castle Combe Race Circuit

For motorsport enthusiasts, Castle Combe offers another exciting attraction—the Castle Combe race circuit. This nearly 3-kilometer track encircles an old World War II airfield, making it one of the longest-running race circuits in the country, established shortly after Silverstone.

In its heyday, the circuit hosted legendary figures like Stirling Moss and John Surtees. While major racing events no longer occur here due to noise concerns, visitors can still witness club-level car and motorbike races. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even experience the thrill of driving on the circuit yourself.

In conclusion, Castle Combe is a destination where history, cinematic magic, and motorsport excitement converge. Whether you’re wandering through its charming streets, exploring its cinematic past, or experiencing the thrill of the race circuit, Castle Combe promises an unforgettable journey into England’s enchanting past and present.


Head north-east on The Street towards Market Place

Turn left onto Dunns Lane

Turn left onto B4039 and continue for approximately four miles

Merge onto B4040 and keep going for another three miles

Turn right onto Bath Road/A46
Continue to follow A46 for four miles and take a slight right onto the A433

The King’s Arms will be on the left after two miles