Code of Practice



Code of Practice


The way Butcombe will work, you are aligned to the requirements in the Pub Sector England & Wales Code of Practices (1-499 Tied Pubs) (COP) Tenanted and Leased which can be found on ours and the Pub Governing Body websites.

The COP places a number of obligations on us as a company as to how we will work with you.

We offer other services and make additional obligations to the COP which are covered in this document.

Adherence to the COP is a binding term of all our new tied tenancies and is therefore legally enforceable. The COP is binding on both Butcombe and its Business Partners and lessees and may be used in pursuance of a claim of non-compliance.

Our existing Business Partners may also have the benefit of the provisions of the COP by invoking an open and unlimited offer accepting its terms. Signing an agreement at any time can do this and your Operations Manager (OM) will be pleased to assist in this respect.

If Butcombe sell the interest of property with an incumbent Business Partner we will by means of a side letter ensure the COP transfers as part of the sale, unless the pub transfers to a pub operating company where 500 or more pubs are owned; this will result in the pub and Business Partner’s rights being under statutory legislation.

Alternatively the provisions and benefits of the COP can be relied upon if a tenant initiates a complaint through the Pub Independent Conciliation and Arbitration Service (PICAS) or commences court proceedings with reliance on the provisions  of the COP.

Read the full document here.