Small Batch Brew #6 – Drop In The Ocean

Ultra Pale Ale

  • 4.2% ABV - Cask

Drop In The Ocean is the taste of the coast! This month’s Small Batch Brew is a classic light British Pale Ale with a saline twist. With more summer sun on the way and temperatures soaring, this 4.2% pale ale is a sessionable thirst quencher designed to keep you coming back for more.


It’s brewed with two types of Pale Ale malts whilst Godiva and East Kent Golding hops are steeped in wort to create a hop tea, with a small amount of Jersey Sea Salt/water to bring out the hop character. Think of the salt as bringing out the savoury notes of the hops whilst reducing the bitterness. Like adding salt to food, it’s a flavour enhancer.


Hop Facts


This beer contains two UK hops, Godiva and East Golding. The more recently developed Godiva hops have a unique aroma with notes of tangerine, gooseberry, and spice and
are particularly good for dry hopping. The centuries old East Golding is often known as the King of the Hops and is an origin protected species.