Award Winners Case

3 x Award Winners case offer

  • Mixed % ABV - 24 x 500ml

Contains 3 x 8 bottle cases of Butcombe Original, Gold Gluten Free and Goram IPA. Contains 8 x Butcombe Original, 8 x Gold Gluten Free and 8 x Goram IPA bottles. All our beer bottles in this mixed case are suitable for vegans.

Butcombe Gluten Free won silver gold at the prestigious World Beer Awards. We also picked up bronze medals for Original and Goram IPA.


Butcombe Original 4% ABV

You can spot a true original a mile off. Like our Original brew. Bristol born and made to stand out. Created from Maris Otter malt and a secret blend of English hops. Meticulously crafted before ‘craft’ was even a thing. Its distinctive bitter, clean and refreshing flavour has been Bristol’s go-to for good times since the 1970’s. From the first sip to the last drop, you’ll never taste a beer quite like it.


Gold Gluten Free 4.4%ABV

All the taste of classic ale but just without the gluten. Made from dazzling Maris Otter malt, our exceptional golden ale won’t disappoint. Part bitter, part sweet, 100% refreshing. This is a well-balanced, full-bodied gluten free golden beer with a subtle floral and herby aroma. A true Bristol sunset in a bottle, worth its weight in gold.


Goram IPA 5% ABV

Goram – Bristol’s legendary giant – was no stranger to a well-crafted ale. Fortunately neither are we. Ode to his renegade ways, our IPA uses a punchy blend of American and Worcestershire hops to balance stone fruit, citrus and bitter notes with spicy hop aromas. Strong, big flavoured and with the ABV of a classic ale. When it comes to IPAs, Goram towers above the rest. Our Goram IPA bottles are suitable for vegan’s.